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Sustainable Architecture

The recent energy and financial crisis make that at this particular time and toward the future, the constructions "energetically efficient" are more and more important.

The area of Architecture of the company EAS&S ltd. Develops projects of real estate and industrial architecture. All our projects are approached incorporating concepts of energy efficiency, optimization of resources and environmental comfort from the first stages of design.

Energetic Consultancy

Besides realising own projects, the area of Architecture of company EAS&S Ltda. realises energetics consultancy to offices of architects, construction and real estate companies, with the purpose of orient the decisions of design for a potential energy and resource saving.

The results can vary according to the case and to the degree of interaction with the design team, being able of obtaining reductions among 10% and even more than a 70% in the demand of considered annual air conditioning. Generally all the cases imply great diminutions in the operational costs and a better standard of comfort for the people. The previous thing causes a general well-being of the building and its occupants, besides a considerable diminution in the environmental impact, given by the smaller energy consumption.






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