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Thermal Engineering  

I.Energy Audits

Studies and projects related with the efficient use of the fuels that are used in the company, determination of the base case to propose integral solutions.

Among the different activities developes by our company the following ones are mentioned:

Existing Systems in Operation

Technical studies of Economy of Fuels. According to the type industry it is considered:

▪ Analysis of the efficiency of the combustion equipment in ovens, boilers and dryers and others..
▪ Determination of the most convenient fuel to use according to the equipment type and process that developes the company.
▪ Study and Preliminary design for the change of Fuel.
▪ Technician diagnostic, adjustment and calibration of the thermal systems: traps of vapor, burners, pressure meters, instruments, etc.
▪ Determination of specific consumptions of thermal energy.
▪ Specification of good thickness of insulation according to the thermal process.
▪ Recommendations on the specific problems outlined by the industries.
▪ Detailed rate of the works.
▪ Execution and setting in march of the recommended solutions.
▪ Training of supervisors and operators for the control of operational standards.

New Systems

▪ Determination of types and capacities of equipment.
▪ Exposition of alternatives.
▪ Technical and economic study of alternative.
▪ Selection of equipment.
▪ Engineering of details:
▪ Distribution of equipment (Lay - Out).
▪ Network Design

Operation with Natural Gas and Liquefied Gas

▪ Conversion to Natural Gas of all type of industrial and domestic equipments from liquid fuels, solids or gas according to international and chilean safety standards.
▪ Design and supply of industrial networks of natural and liquified gas for the inner distribution of gas fuels in average and low pressure according to the effective norm.
▪ Engineering specifications of materials and equipment (pipes, valves, fittings, meters, regulating stations for gas)
▪ Engineering specifications for constructions of inner networks of natural gas and liquefied gas.
▪ Supervision of Works : supervision of the project inside the work area, solution to constructive problems and development of plans.


III.Administration of Thermal Plants

This supply and services area includes:

▪ Operation and maintenance for whole thermal plants, with own personal or of the company.
▪ Operation and maintenance for thermal equipment.

In both cases a thermal situation at the beginning of the service is carried out previous, which includes among others: analysis of the networks of steam distribution and return of condensate, thermal insulation of equipment and networks of distribution, the state of its outlying equipments, diagnosis of regulation valves, steam traps, combustion efficiencies based on the typical excesses of air and according to the effective regulatory scheme for each fuel, etc.

FuzEvent Software for design of control of Processes strategies; representation of FL-Soft and Schnarre Engineering which you can use in the following applications

▪ Stabilization of thermal processes.
▪ Control of abnormal situations.
▪ Control of mixture of fuel.
▪ Predictions of quality.








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