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Industrial Engineering: Companies Management

Management and Costs Control

Study and determination of the critical variables of each business and the efficient form to measure them. Design of executive forms of management control. Study of the real cost of products analyzing from input to finished products, determination of total and/or unitary margins concerning businesses, products and/or clients; definition of criteria of allocation and distribution of costs, etc


Study of the organizational structure in all the levels of the Company, with the corresponding description of functions for each workplace, structural re-design according to expansion plans projected by the Company.

Processes Optimization (Re-Engineering) 

Analysis of operations and productive, administrative, or logistical processes and the implementation of improvements on these. These can imply partial improvements to the processes or complete redraws of these (reengineering).

In the case of administrative processes it is included the analysis of the process and the definition of requirements and implementation of administrative systems of information.

Processes of acquisition of plants and specialized equipment

Consultancy in the whole process of acquisition of plants or specialized equipment and materials: technical specification, rate and selection according to the company requirements, comparative analysis, etc.

Total Quality . Continuous Improvement

Implementation of global plans of quality , organization of works parties for the company, supervision and administration of the implementation of the process for best quality.







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