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Buildind Energy Simulations

To evaluate the environmental behavior of an architectonic construction, is a complex task where many variables affect simultaneously. By such reason the use of computer tools is necessary, wich allow to predict how the building in a certain climate behaves. A right diagnosis does possible to orient certain decisions that affect the environmental behavior of the building and their benefits can go from the possibility of doing modifications to the architectonic design, to obtaining by means of small operations, important reductions in the operational expenses of the building, improving the conditions of habitability of the project. With the continuous rise in the cost of energy and the high comfort standards, to simulate a building it is a necessity.

The simulations can be made in the initial stages of the design (first draft) or after the construction, thus to analyze possible remodelings that increase the potential of energy saving.

Calculation of Energy Demand

Using Software that simulates the thermal operation in dynamic conditions of a building, we can compare alternatives and strategies of design with the intention of diminishing the energy demand of the building and the requiriemientos of air conditioning (occupying like measurement kWh/m2). This type of analysis allows reductions among 10% and until more of a 60% in the expected energy demand.


Simulation of Thermal Behavior (temperatures)

We make a simulation of inner temperatures within the spaces of the building, and they are compared with a established comfort range, with the purpose of identifying zones with environmental problems, that can do of these less comfortable enclosures (excessive refrigeration or heating requirements).





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